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How to understand when you’ve injured a muscle?



After every intense workout routine, our body is usually in pain. Especially if we’ve really pushed our limits. Knowing whether our muscle pain is normal or it might be caused by a more serious issue, is very important especially if we have a training plan to stick to during the following days.


Addressing the right source and cause of our muscle and bone pains, isn’t so difficult to be done. The first thing we all need to learn is the types of muscle injuries and their respective characteristics, prevention tips and treatments.



Muscle cramp


When we experience muscle cramp, a sharp pain occurs not only after the training routine, but especially during the first phase of the training. Muscle cramp usually happens in a particular muscle group and it doesn’t have any warning sign. It usually goes after a short period of time and it is not considered to be a serious condition. The main reasons why muscle cramps happen is because of the hydration level (under hydrating/over hydrating) and also, due to an unbalanced and poor diet.



Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)


Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is usually the feeling we get to experience right after each training routine. It doesn’t last more than 48 hours and it includes feelings of discomfort, tiredness, achiness in the muscles etc. The level of soreness we get to have due to this condition depends on the type of workout we just had.



Muscle strain


A pulled muscle, or else known as muscle strain, is a condition that usually occurs acutely and in an unexpected way during the training routine. Most of the pulled muscles happen during an explosive move, sprinting etc. Depending on the type of exercises we were doing while feeling this sudden pain in our muscles, the level of this injury is calculated. Usually, the pulled muscles happen to belong to the first or second level (out of three).



Main causes of muscle injuries


We have all wondered what the exact reason that leads us to have these muscle injuries was. Despite our diet, hydration level or training intense, there are some other type of factors that are strongly associated with these type of injuries. They are:


– Age


– Lack of flexibility – a short, stretching routine before and after each training routine is a must!


– Muscle fatigue – different training cramps from an intense workout routine, may potentially create muscle fatigue. Know when an exercise really hurts, and stop while you’re still on time. Pushing ourselves too hard is what causes muscle fatigue.


– Prior Injury – some syndromes such as IT syndrome and DOMS, when not addressed properly since they first appear, chances for us to re-experience them in other ways and intensities are high.


– Lack of proper diet – a healthy, rich food works in protecting and fueling our muscles to be strong, and stay away from getting sored and cramp.



What to do?


The following most common question we all have is whether we should see a doctor or just take a break and let our body recover itself.  The first best thing that experts suggest us to do is to listen to our body. Using common sense and getting to know how our body responses to every type of pain and exercises, is essential.

Of course, a visit to the doctor can always help us better determine the level of the injury. They can give us some additional tips on how to cure them. But, no one can ever know our body better than us. That is why, when something start feeling off, it is important to figure out the cause behind i. Then, we should start taking care of our physique according to our specific needs.

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