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It’s time to build self-confidence for racing success

confidence for athletes


Every athlete is always looking for that extra thing that will make them more efficient and consistent on the race course. Normally, most of athlete’s efforts are towards their physical preparation, diet and other practical habits that are supposed to help them with the main goal. If you’re one of the few athletes that understand the importance of a good mental preparation, then, congratulations! You’re one step closer to success.


If you aim to run your best, then, your coach is the first person that will agree when asked about the importance of the mental aspect in a race. Being mentally prepared, feeling confident and ready to do the best you can is something that increases your chance to win, a lot! Well, your coach might agree when it comes to this aspect, but, is he advising you how to build the right confidence and mental preparation before a big race? Is he spending any time to teach you the right habits and methods how to better control this critical part on your performance?

If the answer is no, don’t worry. Below you’ll find some of the basic, most important tips for you to follow in order to better handle all the pressure and anxiety racing events can bring.


By learning how to practice and start believing some of the tips mentioned below, you can truly show all your preparation and efforts made during the taught, “preparing” season.  Since confidence is a “business” between you and your mind, start building it as soon as you can without having to experience more anxiety and tension that deliver reduced performance.



Learn to listen to yourself


According to psychologists, “Self-talk” is the process of motivating and talking to yourself. Pay close attention to your inner voice and try to eliminate as many negative thoughts as you can. Try to identify them and find a way to face them once and for all. Stop being too harsh no yourself and keep motivating and congratulating “you” after every little success you experience. Start believing that you can win the race, and nothing can stop you! Dedicate your thoughts completely to your training routine and stay as much focused as you can in order for your body and mind to work together into achieving the best results and performance possible!



Stop comparing yourself with others


Negative self-comparison is one of the worst things you as an athlete can ever do! This type of thinking strongly contributes into your overall performance and decreases your confidence level a lot! There is nothing wrong if you aspire to be as good as your teammate or another famous champion. But, when this kind of aspiration makes you feel less capable and inferior, then, you’ve got to stop. Use your inspiration as a force, not as something that will make you feel bad about yourself. We’re sure you’ve got your own strong points that no one else has. Learn to use them and start believing in yourself more than anyone else.



Organize your goals


By that, we mean you need to start knowing your limits. Setting realistic goals is a smart thing to do and it’s a confidence-builder. You cannot expect to achieve the best if you decide to participate in a race that it goes beyond your preparation level. If you pick a race that makes you run or ride for a distance you’ve never tried before, chances for you to “fail” at reaching your goal are higher. But that doesn’t mean you weren’t prepared enough. When you take one step at a time, your confidence will start to slowly increase in a healthy way.



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