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Everyone who takes on an exercise program wants to know if it will have positive effects for them. Why would you do something difficult or arduous unless it stands to benefit you? We want to be sure that our time and effort will not go to waste. But in the…

Tom and Gisele diet

  Tom Brady, the New England quarterback, even though only 39 years old, he has just won his fifth Super Bowl title and also, was the MVP. But these are not the only special things he seem to own. His supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen and kids, have a private Chef…


Runners are by nature an agreeable group. Their sport of choice is great for health and imparts a general sense of well-being, which seems to imply they’d be easy to get along with. But every group has its quirks, and runners are no different. Here are 5 things runners do…

Running for weight loss

    Of all the forms of exercise available to modern athletes, running may be the fastest and best way to help you lose weight.  Losing weight is partly a function of simple math (calories in – calories out), partly a function of staying motivated long enough to be consistent,…

belly fat

  Belly fat is one of the biggest concerns women usually have to face. Today, we are exposed to many “fancy” ways that promote weight loss in a very short time. While it seems that there isn’t a “magic” bullet that can really target the abdominal area in particular, people…

weight loss myths

Everyone wants to look good and be in shape. Many people see weight loss as something that will first of all make them be healthier. Then, losing also means a better-looking physique, more energy, a healthy body and a happier life.   All these reasons bring us to a very…


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