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  After the Tour de France debacle last summer, Gianni Moscon emerged as the winner of the two-day Tour of Guangxi. The Italian has thanked Team Sky for having his back in the Tour de France incident that he referred to as a “big mess”.   Moscon was disqualified by…


  One of Team Sky’s main riders, Gianni Moscon, has been suspended by the UCI for five weeks after the nasty incident he caused a couple of weeks ago at Tour de France.   The Italian rider threw a punch at another rider halfway through Tour convincing everyone that he…

Gianni Moscon

    Team Sky has decided to suspend its rider Gianni Moscon from racing. According to a written warning, the British team, Team Sky suspends the Italian rider for six weeks after the racist incident during last week’s Tour de Romandie race.   According to other riders and spectators of…


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