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die-in protest

  The collision   The name of the dead cyclists isn’t made public yet. But, we know she was a female and was a member of Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club which is based in Dundrum. Less than 24 hours have passed since this tragic accident happened, and Gardaí have already…

Dubai Tour

  As high winds and many sandstorms swept across the stage four courses, the tour organizers had to cancel this stage of Dubai Tour the other day. Despite the riders performed the pre-race as usual, the race was impossible to start. Even though the riders headed to the start, it…

Charlie Craig

  Charlie Craig was the son of former national Champion in UK, Nick Craig. He was the National Trophy Cyclocross Series winner for the under 16 category.   The domestic cycling scene is shocked after learning the sudden death of Charlie Craig. The 15 year-old died in his sleep. His…

Santa Barbara bike crash

  A terrifying accident left one cyclist tumbling off the bridge!   A bicycle Road Race went totally wrong this past weekend when one of the cyclists wiped out causing a chain reaction that looked totally terrifying. Fortunately, no one got hurt and everything had a good ending. The crash…


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