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Supersets to Blast Through Any Plateau



Whether you are trying to lose fat, gain muscle, become more time-efficient or all of the above, supersets are a fantastic way to get there.  Supersets refer to a structured workout that essentially alternates exercises from opposing muscle groups: chest vs. back for example.  These are also known as ‘agonist vs. antagonist’ workouts and are designed to boost testosterone, increase time efficiency and generate lasting results.


Exercise science shows that performing supersets will burn more calories, stimulate more muscle fibers and therefore generate real, lasting success.  The goal is to pair exercises of opposing muscle groups in sets of 2, 1 exercise for each muscle group.  Then, perform these two exercises for a full set each, without rest between exercises.  As soon as you have completed 1 ‘round’ of each exercise, rest for approximately 60-90 seconds before round 2.

Example Full-body Superset Workout


Seated Cable Row (3-4 sets of 12) superset with Dumbbell Chest Press (3-4 sets of 12)

  • Remember to rest 60-90 seconds only after completing 1 set of each exercise


Squats (3-4 sets of 12) superset with Straight Leg Deadlifts (3-4 sets of 12)

  • Remember to rest 60-90 seconds only after completing 1 set of each exercise


Standing DB Press (3-4 sets of 12) superset with DB Lateral Raises (3-4 sets of 12)

  • Remember to rest 60-90 seconds only after completing 1 set of each exercise


Barbell Biceps Curl (3-4 sets of 12) superset with Cable Rope Extensions (3-4 sets of 12)

  • Remember to rest 60-90 seconds only after completing 1 set of each exercise

You can combine supersets with full-body style workouts (as shown above) or with ‘split’ workouts that focus on 2 or 4 body parts per workout.  Mixing these up every 60-90 days will help keep the results coming, never letting your body get used to the stress of the workouts.  Full-body workouts are very efficient by ‘activating’ more areas of muscle during every workout, increasing metabolic rates and scorching fat cells.  Body part workouts are great for ‘loading’ body parts that you wish to improve at a faster rate, such as muscle gain.


Don’t forget that supersets can cause positive increases in cardiovascular endurance as well! Your heart rate will skyrocket and sustain a fast pace for the duration of the superset, usually lasting more than 60 seconds before the rest/recovery period begins.  This essentially incorporates interval training to further boost your fat loss, increase metabolic rates, gain muscle and save time. How could you possibly go wrong with supersets?


Try incorporating these workouts the next time you are in the gym and truly feel how effective they actually are!

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