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Is strength training necessary for cyclists?

strength training for cyclists


One of the most common questions cyclists usually have, is whether they should consider adding some strength training into their physical activity or not. We don’t know why, but many experts find this question a little unnecessary because the answer is already obvious enough. When asked, many of them don’t have a single doubt about the benefits cyclists can get when doing strength training. Adding more power to your physical activity, is always something useful to have!


We totally agree with the expert’s voice. Especially when thinking about all the ways a strength raining routine can help an endurance sport fanatic to perform better! Since the power is scientifically defined as force times speed, it is more than obvious that adding more force in your speed, means more power on your overall performance right?

Well, since the coaches’ opinion has evolved that much this last years, it’s time for you, as an endurance athlete, to start viewing strength training as a necessity and not a waste of time! And here is why…



How can strength training make you faster?


One of the main benefits you get to have when strength training, is to become faster than before. When you think about it, strength training isn’t supposed to make you faster in the most direct way possible. But, what it does to your muscles, posture and bones, is what make you more able to ride faster and better. The fact that you increase the ranges of trainings and become more consistent and precise while participating in a larger range of activities makes you more able to handle any kind of activity much easier.


The truth about cyclists is that everybody knows they’ve extremely developed aerobic systems and engines.  But, it is not enough to only have the aerobic engine that enables you to ride fast for a long period of time. Cycling is a sport that also needs weight support in order for your skeletal system to be able to handle all the stress and pressure you’re putting on your muscles and bones. This is especially true for the upper body strength. This part is usually the one that is less developed. It may cause serious injuries and difficulties in your riding performance.



Expend your vision as cyclist


We advise you to aspire to be a well-rounded athlete. Someone that isn’t only able to perform certain limited moves with the same, constant speed and endurance. Sometimes, the activities you do off the bike, are the ones that help you the most with the activities on bike. Strength training will definitely give you less time to worry about injuries and handle soreness and other issues. It will give you more time to advance in precision and endurance in cycling. Also, keep in mind that strength training is the main type of activity that contributes on your bone’s health. It increases their density, and also, strength training helps you minimize muscular imbalances. So, consider giving your muscles an optimal function and increase your chances for success.

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