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Simplest Beginners Guide to Triathlons

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Triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports, especially in UK and U.S and it consists of three different disciplines – running, cycling and swimming. If you have already decided to participate in a triathlon, then you should learn some basic stuff to better prepare yourself. When doing a triathlon for the first time, many participants consider it to be a learning experience. You will have to learn and prove some things from your own perspective that no one else can teach them to you. Mostly related with the mental game you’ll face, or the competition energy that surrounds everyone.

Before planning your triathlon, and looking for key events, you first need to decide which are your personal goals you want to achieve by doing it. Formulating your priorities will help you better prepare and plan the right triathlon and season for your intentions.



Decide why you are doing it


Some people decide to do a triathlon just for fun and desire to expend their knowledge, experiences and social life. Many others want to send their fitness preparation to the next level. So, whether you’re doing it for fun or you’re seriously a professional athlete with a fitness preparation and like competition, fortunately, you can find and choose from many training programs available. Most of them, are supposed to make you ready for Triathlon in less than four months. But it actually depends and on your previously physical strength and level.



Register yourself


The next step you need to take is register yourself in a triathlon competition. By visiting trifind.com you will be able to better determine the time and date of you triathlon. No better place to find triathlon calendars! After researching, make sure the one you’re about to register starts at least 3-4 months later. Do not underestimate the necessary training, despite the fact you might already be fitted and have a trained body. Doing three disciplines at the same competition is something not everyone can handle. Our advice: when doing a triathlon for the first time, register on a “sprint” labeled one. This kind of Triathlon has usually shorter distances and races.


You also need the right Triathlon gears. Every participant is the one to secure the equipment for themselves. The truth is, they might be a little too expensive, but, you don’t have to purchase all the available gears you find on the market since your first triathlon. Let the professional athletes be professional, and purchase only the most necessary ones. Before you decide which they will be, have a look at some of the most popular rule violations newbies make when participating on their first triathlon. By keeping those in mind, you can pretty much secure the ones you need without skipping anything that might disqualify you or make you get time penalties.



Can you handle three disciplines since your first Triathlon?


Good news is, there are plenty of opportunities for people who don’t want to force their body into competing at once on three relatively difficult disciplines. Some of them don’t want to swim. If you belong in this group, then, you should consider yourself to try a duathlon. It consists of two running stages and a cycling one in between.



Tips and techniques to know


Try to be smart when dealing with the “fourth” discipline of your triathlon. The “fourth” discipline is considered to be the transition parts when participants change their clothes and prepare for the next discipline. Many of them, especially on the first transition between swim and cycle, try to save the time by wearing a bodysuit underneath their wetsuit which they use to swim. This bodysuit is suitable for cycling and running too. This means, when you’ll be on the second transition time, between cycling and running, you just have to change your shoes and remove the helmet.


For information on duathlons please click the link



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