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Running mistakes to avoid for beginners

running mistakes


Whether you’re a professional marathoner or just a fitness runner, we’re almost sure you have already committed one of the below mentioned mistakes while running. We all make mistakes; the important thing is to work on fixing them. If you’re thriving to run your best potential, then you should probably start adapting some correct running habits and get the best out of it.

Some of these mistakes are considered to be very normal and mostly happen to people who have just made running part of their life. Don’t worry, they are all easy to correct and the benefits you’ll get, are important on your overall performance and endurance.



Don’t go from sedentary life to a marathoner


One of the biggest mistakes people do when running, is to go from sitting all day to a professional runner too fast. It is not normal to train like a real runner since the beginning. You cannot do that if you don’t want to risk any injury. Going from 0 to 10 is something that many people, without noticing the risks, do and then, might be a little too late. The best thing to do, is to start increasing your running level and time slowly. Don’t over run. Don’t create unrealistic goals. Try to make your bones and muscles get used to all the stress you’re putting on them and let your system slowly adjust to the new physical activity.



Wear the right shoes


If you don’t want to get injures, wearing the right type of shoes is the first step you need to take. Wearing an old pair of ones or a different type, which are not suitable for running, will damage your knees, feet and back. Before buying a new pair of running shoes, especially when you’re about to commit daily to this sport, you first need to evaluate your foot type and running style. If unable to do that, then a professional can help you. After purchasing a new pair of professional running shoes, you must keep in mind to change them after 350 miles. Don’t overconsume them.



Not hydrating enough


Letting yourself suffer from dehydration only because you have underestimated your fluid needs, is a very unsmart thing to do. After the run, your system needs to hydrate and get back to shape with proper amount of water. Not drinking enough, may lead to serious health related problems. The solution for this commonly made mistake is simple. You just have to drink at least a full glass of water one hour before you start running. Then, after finishing, wait some minutes to pass and pure yourself as much water and other sports drinks as you feel the need to.



Take some rest days


Rets days are a must if you want your muscles to properly function and recover. Just like everything else, our body needs to rest and take some days off right? Try to at least take one or two days off a week. You will be amazed how effective your running will be in the future and how stronger and better you will feel. Your body, muscles and bones will have enough time to recover and rebuild.



Wear the right outfit


When running, wearing appropriate clothes can do a big difference compared to the wrong ones. One of the most common mistake new runners do, is to not calculate the weather conditions so they end up wearing too much or too little clothes. Doing this mistake, will expose you to several cold or hot-related illnesses. Experts recommend runners to stick to specific technical type of outfits like DryFit, Thermax, silk or polypropylene. All this fabric types will make your sweat to wick away and keep your body dry. Never wear cotton. It keeps the wet on your body and it can even be dangerous during colder days. Keep your running clothes simple and fit. You don’t have to overdress during the winter times or to underdress during the hotter days.



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