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Why push-ups are a must? Learn their essential benefits



If you’re a gym fanatic looking to build strength and develop a toned and beautiful upper body and core, then, push-ups are a must! Fortunately, this type of exercise requires no gym membership and it can be easily performed anywhere. Push-ups can easily work several different muscle groups on your body. You can still be able to increase or decrease the difficulty, intense and style of your push-ups.


But, what makes this exercise routine so important and what are the main benefits anyone can get by incorporating it into a workout routine despite the obvious ones?  Why do people consider push-ups and also pull ups to be the best types of exercises for training the upper body part?


Well, these easy and simple exercise movements can potentially activate every single muscle in your body, especially the ones aligned on your upper part. Underestimating them would definitely be a mistake. So, let’s have a look at the power of this important exercise so you can once and for all start loving it.



Perfect for your core


Push-ups can trigger the creation of muscles that are usually difficult to appear. We’re talking about the ones that can easily make the life difficult to everyone. We’re talking about obliques, lower back muscles and abs. By incorporating push-ups into your training routine, you not only get to work on this area, but you also build the necessary core strength and invest in your posture by also preventing any possible back pain.


Push-ups are long known for their power to increase body’s overall strength. We know this might be the last thing you’re thinking when hitting the ground and start performing this exercise. But, believe it or not, the way you’re working your muscles and the strength you’re building, are priceless. Many muscle groups, such as core muscles, biceps, triceps, lower body and anterior deltoids muscles are strongly activated to help your body while stabilizing the movements.



Saves you time and you can do them anywhere


What could be so great to be able to give your body a full workout routine while building muscles and strength anywhere, anytime you want? You just need to drop and start doing some push-ups on the floor of every place. You can even do them in your kitchen floor or office.


Since the lack of time is considered to be the number one reason why millions of people are unable to stick to or even start a training routine, being able to perform this type of exercises is a big plus! You see, push-ups don’t require much time at all. The fact you can perform your push-ups anywhere at any time, is something you should value a lot. You busy life can never be a reason to not perform push-ups. You don’t even need to year special training clothes. Five minutes are more than enough if you commit yourself daily into this exercise.



You get to burn lots of calories


This strength-building exercise can do some quite work on making you burn many calories. Since push-ups involve many muscles groups, eventually, they spend more calories. Your body requires extra energy to handle the work all different muscle groups do while doing push-ups. Eventually, more calories spent. If you aim to spend even more calories than push-ups do, you can combine these exercises with many other ones. This way, you can really give a boost to your heart and blood flow. Combining push-ups with squats is the most popular routine people usually like to do for a maximum effect.



Protect your shoulders and reduce back injuries


The standard push-up exercises are proven to be one of the most efficient ways to protect your shoulder joints from any kind of injury. This is mostly common at people over their 40s. Since push-ups call upon stabilizing the muscles, this area of the body is conditioned for dynamic moves while getting stronger.

By supporting the strength and health of primary and secondary muscles of the shoulder, the likelihood of debilitating injuries significantly drops.


There are some injuries as debilitating as the pain and injury in your lower back. This essential part of your body supports every movement. So if it’s damaged or injured even smallest and simplest chores can become excruciatingly painful. As mentioned earlier, push-ups call upon your entire torso to stabilize its movements. By doing so, you strengthen this vulnerable part of your body.



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