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Pro tips for cold weather running

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The truth is, cold, winter season challenges even the most dedicated runners. Shorter days, dropped temperatures, wind, rain/snow are all some of the main factors that make running fans thinks twice before they hit the road in the winter. That is why, we’ve prepared for you a list of tips you should consider and keep in mind before you navigate your winter running route. These Pro tips will also help you keep going strong outdoors even when the mercury plummets while you continue building your performance and skills.



Do a little research


Before you decide to hit the road, doing a little research on weather conditions, temperatures, and the route you’re about to explore (if it’s new), is essential. During winter months, weather conditions change every single hour. Getting previously prepared can save a lot of time, keep your safe and make your running more effective. Make sure to check the temperatures a day before so you can better decide for the right clothes to wear. You don’t want to leave your waterproof jacket back at home on a rainy day right?



Get the right shoes for the winter


Wearing the wrong running shoes is one of the biggest mistakes people tend to make. You should know that, your summer Running shoes cannot give you the right support during the winter times too. Purchase a pair of running shoes that have enough traction on them in order to prevent you from slipping and falling on icy, dangerous surfaces.



Don’t go cheap on gear


Doing this means your winter running will become a nightmare! You should purchase appropriate clothing in order to be well-prepared for all kinds of temperatures and weather conditions. Being insulated for safety is an essential thing! Stock up some warm mittens, beanies, socks and anything that will keep you warm and cozy and eventually you can enjoy running.



Be seen


If you usually run early in the morning or late at night, be sure to be seen. Especially during winter days when the sun goes down since 4-5 pm. The ideal thing to do is to run on the daylight, but, unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. So, the first thing to do,  is keep yourself safe. Purchase a headlamp. This is an advice every expert never forgets to give. Do a little research and find a comfortable and light headlamp.



Don’t forget to hydrate


We know this seems a little too obvious but, this actually can become a real problem. Especially when running in the winter. That’s because during summer days, drinking and staying hydrated is easy due to the high temperatures and the sun which make us feel thirstier. So, eventually, staying hydrating is never a problem. But, during colder days, our body is not able to translate our hydration need into thirst because it’s just too cold outside for it to create the perfect thirst conditions. Being more focused on this part is a smart thing to do. Never forget to drink before during and after your running session.



Get a running buddy


Due to the lack of motivation, winter running is not as dynamic as the summer one. But, many studies have indicated how helpful having a running buddy can be. You will not only feel more “obligated” to show up and run, but you will also enjoy running more and wont focus that much on the cold.  Especially when running in the dark, having a running partner means you are also safer.



Warm up


Last but not least, warm up before you start running. And by that, we mean a proper warming up session performed indoors. Skip some rope, climb a few stairs and do some stretching before you hit the road on freezing temperatures. When you let your body warm up indoors, it will handle the cold much easier and make your run faster and better.



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