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How to Survive Open Water Swimming

floating on water
  Variable weather and environmental conditions creates an environment that makes open water swimming different then the pool and can bring a unique psychological burden,…
mental training

Picture yourself in one of these two scenarios.   Scenario 1:   You’ve completed the training as planned, you’re in the best shape of your life, and you’re at the starting line of your race.  As you get set for your wave start, you remind yourself of how swimming is…


  The sport of triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States and around the world (Triathlon Growth, 2015).  This sport’s demographics grew from a primarily male-dominant sport to female-inclusive and now extends to all age-groups.   In particular, over the last ten years, the sport…


If you’re one of the many triathletes who have spent hours on YouTube trying to figure out exactly how the great swimmers swim so fast, this article is for you!   Here are the basic swim skills that take away all the guesswork and frustration of swimming efficiently.  They are…


  Your running form can instantly give way to whether you’re a casual jogger or a fast runner.  If you’re one of those who is prone to injury, or has a noticeable idiosyncrasy to your form, you may suffer from a variety of form-related issues.  Injuries like tendonitis, stress fractures,…


  You’re only hurting yourself in the gym if you do the wrong exercises; ones that don’t develop muscle groups that are involved in running (like bench press or military press).  When lifting, you want to focus on stabilizing muscles in your legs and your core – pay only some…

workout meal

The age old question remains: “What should I be eating before and after my workout?!” The answer is relatively simple but easily confused.  The truth is, there is a host of contradictive information out there and it’s hard to know if we are doing the right thing.  Let’s break down…


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