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6 Lifestyle Changes That Will make a real difference on your health

    It’s easier than you think to become a healthier person. Sometimes, making lifestyle changes can seem overwhelming, but since it only takes 21…
swimming in the lava

  Thousands of curios people from across the world have visited Hawaii Volcanoes National Park by air, land and it seems, by sea too. Kawika Singson, a Hawaii native is the one that has dared and swam next to the lava flow a few days ago.   The bright orange…

immune system

  Did you know that all diseases, starting from cancer, Hear diseases, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis are all deeply connected with the immune system? That is why, having a weak immune means you are exposed to all of them. Fortunately, by implementing some simple lifestyle changes and everyday habits, it is…

Philadelphia Cycling Classic

  According to the Union Cyclist International, both, women’s and men’s editions of the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic have been cancelled. This due to difficulties attracting financial sponsors. They hope to return again in 2018.   Unfortunately, the women’s race has been part of the World Tour calendar for this…

swimming lessons

  The USA Swimming Foundation every year helps swim lessons nationwide to offer free lessons. Especially focused on children who cannot otherwise afford it. This foundation has awarded more than 400,000$ only in 2016 through Make a Splash program grant.   Since 2007, USA Swimming Foundation has given more than…

muscle recovery

  If you are one of them who love spending their days training and lifting weights, that’s great. But, between these workout sessions, you have to take some time off and let the muscles recover. If you don’t, then, you can forget achieving your strength-building or fitness goals.   It…

Pedal Norfolk 2017

  The backdrop of the family-focused cycling festival will be the Holkham Hall in north Norfolk starting on Saturday 27th of May until on Monday 29th. This year, the collaborating charity partner will be the Walking With The Wounded. We should all expect this year’s festival to be bigger and…


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