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Fruits athletes and bodybuilders should eat

fruits for athletes


Unfortunately, fruits get often underestimated in the physique business since they supposedly contain the kind of sugar that will just end up adding mass on your waistline. Well, sugar is actually a great micronutrient which is not only vital for our health, but it is also a big contributor to our physical performance in general. It is a necessity, and for that reason, it must be included into everyone’s diet.


One of the biggest containers of sugar, are fruits. They do also provide us with some valuable phytochemicals and tons of vitamins and minerals. But how come people often try to avoid them especially when trying to lose weight? Well, there is a misconception related to fructose. Fructose is a type of sugar that cannot be directly processed and used by our muscles. The only thing responsible for converting fructose into glycogen (the storage form of carbs), is our liver.


Well, the “problem” happens when our liver’s glycogen level is full. When it’s full, the fructose from the fruits we eat, are automatically restored as fat. Well, this might be a problem especially for bodybuilders, athletes or even physical training fanatics who spent many hours into scalping and building their perfect physique. That’s because these are usually the people that consume carbs the most in order to build muscle mass, strength, have enough energy levels etc.


But, cutting fruits from your diet just for this reason, is a wrong thing to do! When avoiding them, you haven’t just eliminated the small risk of fructose converting into fat, you have also put yourself in lack of many essential nutrients that are super important for your overall health and physical performance as well. Knowing when to eat fruits and how to incorporate them into your carb-oriented meal is  what you need to worry about.



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The most preferable time to consume fruits is in the morning. This is because when you’re sleeping, the liver burns up almost all its glycogen in order to fully supply the brain during the night. That is why, during this time of the day, you don’t have to worry about fructose being converted into fat. That is why; eating at least 2-3 fruits in the morning is what experts mostly recommend. Also, you can choose to eat your daily fruits at least 2-3 hours after you’ve eaten a high-carb meal.



But, which are the best fruits?




Orange is a great choice especially during your workout days. It contains vitamin C which protects the Nitric Oxide from being broken down by the free radicals into our system. It is a great source of hydration and also, gives your immune system a boost.


Apples and cherries are also some great fruits to start your day right. They both have fat loss effects and help to increase strength. They are also filled with anti-inflammatory elements and enhance recovery.

Last but not least, there are bananas and water melon. These fruits are both super healthy and you can easily incorporate them into your morning smoothie. Watermelon will keep your hydration levels high and also, it helps your blood flow. Banana is a fruit that will restore your energy levels and it has also anti-inflammatory benefits.



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