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Erase distractions! Stay focused on your training

stay focused on your training


We are already convinced you cannot not find a single expert out there who can claim that a focused mind is not a very powerful element when training! It is vital. To help yourself maximize your workout benefits, you need to learn the basics. Below you can find a list of some of the most effective thing you need to learn and practice in order to achieve the best and make your brain work for your muscles.



Make the first step…


Start by treating yourself with respect. Do not underestimate your work by believing you aren’t doing your best. Small steps are the ones to make you reach your fitness goals. By convincing and accepting your work, you will boost your motivation and start focusing on the things that’s really matter.


And, while you’re focusing on your workout, try forgetting that you have a phone. Leave it in the closet or in the other room. Constantly checking your emails, Instagram and texting, will fade the power your brains builds and that you should be using in order to achieve a better performance. If you cannot stay without your phone, at least try to use it for something beneficial. And this can be done by creating a playlist either with your favorite songs or some gym-related ones ready to motivate and make you push harder…


Setting specific goals, mostly related to your workout exercises or even your eating schedule, can also help on keeping you focused. You have to know where you are going, which is your focal point and work on achieving that. Don’t start with setting some unrealistic goals. Start with small ones so you can feel the progress . Know the importance of each step and don’t forget to reward yourself. Start with creating some weekly goals. You will be amazed how much a single goal can increase your focus.



Everyone needs support


Another essential step you need to focus on is creating yourself a support system. And by that, we mean finding the right people and places that will elevate your work. Search for people around you who can only make you want to extend your limits more. Don’t settle for less. Try to find the best gym or outdoor place in your area. Staying focused may be difficult, especially in the first months, that’s why you need some outside forces to don’t let your motivation level drop.


When working out, keeping your focus on you, and only you, creates the necessary space in your mind to properly execute each exercise. You don’t have to listen to the others talking. Nor you need to see and check if they are properly doing their sets or not. Or how much weight is that guy over there lifting. Focus only on your techniques and moves. Start by mirroring your body and watch every muscle move. Before increasing your intensity, starting slow and observing is the best way to go…



Keep it fun


Last but not least, try making your training time as excited as it can be. Who said your goals can only be achieved by doing the same equipment and exercises? It is normal to feel fed up with the same old routine. You’re only human. We are creatures of curiosity and of the unknown. Do a little research and see what are the other available alternatives for you to choose from and continue reaching your limits by using them. Asking an expert might be a great idea when it comes to changing your workout regimen. A coach is the one who can better evaluate your needs, can clearly see your goals and is able to check your current status and progress. Then, he can be also able to recreate your training plan by adding some interesting and funny new exercises.



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