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Disabilities won’t stop these people from becoming their own hero

disabled people on triathlon


Triathlon is often considered to be one of the best multi-sports discipline on which people, not only professional athletes can prove their dedication and fitness level. Preparing yourself for triathlon participation requires you to work extremely hard. You should be able to finish as fast as you can, all TRI sports included in one kit. Swimming, running and cycling must be professionally executed, in a continuous way with transitions in between.

It’s a well-known fact that the number of people wanting to participate on triathlons, is drastically increasing. So is the number of people with different disabilities. These people are usually adults but kids make no exception too.  The main reason of creating and organizing special triathlons for this category of people is to include them as many as it can be on these social and developing activities.




Being one of the most popular sports throughout the world, disability triathlon is really starting to promote some great possibilities for all kind of people,offering them some new areas to explore their passions. One of the biggest steps this triathlon subcategory took was when included on Rio Olympics in 2016.


But, what really makes it so special is located behind the real reasons why these people decide to take part on a triathlon. They want to participate in this sport for the same reasons other people do! This should make us to really think about not underestimate this category and give them some real credits.


Despite testing their fitness level and wanting to participate in a competition, these disabled people can really see some other benefits regarding their social life. By including themselves on these physical activities, they learn how to challenge their powers and needs. They develop new skills and also make a lot of friends by socializing. Some other strong benefits they experience are: increasing their confidence, learning to take new responsibilities and really feel they can be part of normal activities.




The truth is, more time and work is needed to fully include disabled people on every kind of sport. With fully rights.

Unfortunately, some of the main reasons why this type of participation doesn’t get a wide promotion, despite the willpower of many governments to include as many disabled people on sport related activities, are:


a) Lack of facilities such as buildings, specialized coaches and transportation

b) Lack of specialized programs to train and work with these people physically and mentally.

c) Lack of awareness on how to best include disabled people and create some basic conditions for them to participate on different sport categories.

d) Lack of finances to fully support their financial, physical and transportation requirements


Some different government funding programs have many times put this issue on their focus (United Kingdom, U.S etc.). They have proved themselves by taking concrete actions. Their goal is to change and destroy all wrong misconceptions that sports are only for normal, strong and trained people. Also, to give all their citizens some equal support. This by creating helping conditions which make all disabled people feel part of their social and cultural development.


Another thing we should consider is also the big difference that many international organizations are making. Their special programs aim to support and create all basic needs that disabled people have. Then, they can be able to see participation on triathlon and other sports, as a lifestyle choice and something they can easily do. Their financial and moral support is something everyone should admire.


Let’s just hope to destroy all the already created barriers, through all these years. Then we can all become world citizens with equal rights and purposes just like our neighbor and friend.  Let’s give our everyday support on different causes that make this world a better, more affordable and living place.

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