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5 foods to help you boost your blood flow

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Even though there are many different ways to improve our blood circulation, adding some specific foods into our diet is actually one of the best things to help us achieve that. You see, there are some fruits and veggies that are renowned for their circulation properties. If you’re still not convinced about the power of simple, natural foods that might already be in your fridge, then, it’s time for you to be.


Of course, not all fruits and veggies have the same powers but, there are some of them whose properties and elements can really dilate our blood vessels by increasing its circulation. Increased circulation means more oxygen delivered in our body especially in our muscles. Eventually, increased health, mental function, and better performance in our daily physical activities.



Why circulation-boosting foods are so important?


We know it can be a real struggle to always stick to your training routine. Especially during winter days and when in lack of sleep. That is why, consuming these circulation boosters means you get to feel more energized specifically making your leg muscles more active and strong.


According to a study made by the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition found that all athletes that were CrossFit-trained were able to enhance their peak power output in an maximum effort test in cycling just a week of proper nitrate supplementation. According to this study, adding nitrate-rich foods into your daily diet, may significantly help athletes and not only, with their exercise performance.



Beetroot juice


The juice of beetroot is highly concentrated with nitrates. They have the potential to quickly deliver the necessary oxygen into our muscles. Many studies have already shown the power of this purple juice to be irreplaceable.  You have probably even heard of many professional athletes drinking beetroot juice right before a competition or an intense training session. Well, now you know the reason.



Dark chocolate


We all know that Cocoa contains high amount of flavonoids. We can find this element in fruits and plants. Science approves flavonoids to improve our blood circulation in an efficient and quick way. So, feel free to take a bite or 10 before your workout routine.



Pomegranate juice


The main role of the pomegranate juice is to protect your nitric oxide which is the bi-product of nitrates against possible oxidative stress. This is made possible by the amount and quality of pomegranate’s antioxidants. They dilate our blood vessels and deliver extra oxygen to our muscles. Experts recommend drinking this magic juice at least 30 minutes before your training routine.





One of the most well-known benefits garlic has in our system is to clean our blood. Garlic is the number one product that contributes to a cleaner and healthier blood condition. It does this while preventing plaque build-up. If you don’t prefer consuming garlic, it can be easily replaced with other products in the bulb group such as onions, radishes, leeks etc.





Did you know that only 200 milligrams of radish juice contain more than 110 grams of nitrates? This veggie helps our blood vessels to open up and push the blood into our muscles more easily and quickly. Radish also contains fibers and many other nutritional values necessary for a healthy body.



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