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4 Super Foods That Are Proven To Increase Stamina

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*Whether you’re a triathlete, marathon runner, bicyclist, or all of the above, you’re likely trying to find something – a supplement, super food, or diet plan – that will give you an edge over the competition.


Many products claim to provide performance-enhancing benefits, but many times they don’t deliver on their promises, and if they do, you’re likely at risk of a heart attack, energy crash, or fail a drug test.



If you’re seriously looking to boost your stamina in training and your next race, try these four superfoods that are completely safe and effective.



Chia Seeds


chia seeds


Using a handful of chia seeds alone, ancient Aztec warriors could remain effective in battle for up to 24 hours.


This is because the seeds contain tons of vital nutrients including: protein, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, calcium, potassium, and vitamins A, B, E, and D.


A small quantity of chia seeds is known to increase energy and stave hunger because the seeds are dense in nutrients, and they expand to over 10x their own weight in your body because they quickly absorb water.










This root extract improve concentration, heal adrenal fatigue, and elevate your mood.


It also increases your stamina and increases your pain tolerance during intense training.


It does this because it reduces cortisol and insulin sensitivity in your body, and increasing your energy levels. Also, it improves your motivation and will to exercise intensely.


 MCT Oil


coconut oil


MCT Oil is commonly associated with diets meant to burn fat and increase resting metabolism, but its effects far exceed simply losing weight.


Because medium-chain triglycerides are much shorter in length than most fats, they are easily assimilated into your body’s cells and used for energy.


They’re so short, in fact, that your body doesn’t even have to break them down first.


MCT oil is beneficial after working out. It helps decrease inflammation in the body, helping you recover quickly for your next workout.


Unlike other foods on this list, MCT oil increases your stamina in the long term by speeding up your recovery. It allows you to work out harder and more often.




Whey Protein




Body builders, football players – everyone can benefit from whey protein.


You may not want gain muscle weight, but if this is what you believe whey protein is for, read on.


All athletes use their muscles much more than the average Joe, so a simple diet isn’t going to satisfy your protein needs.


Your muscles take a beating during training, and they need to recover.  Whey protein is a complete protein. This means it contains all of the essential amino acids your body needs to fully recover after a hard workout.


Also, whey protein is the cheapest, healthiest, and tastiest protein supplement you’re going to find on the market.


If you’d like to have a strong edge over your competition, start with your diet.  Most elite athletes incorporate the healthiest, most nutrient-dense foods into their diets in order to reach their full potential  and also, they eliminate unhealthy and toxic foods from their diets.


Try each superfood listed here and begin your diet transformation today.


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