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The 3 golden rules to get Bikini Ready. No diet included

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It doesn’t matter whether you have just begun to work on your body shape or are a long-term gym goer who hasn’t seen any results yet, we know you still would Love a sexy bikini body for the summer right?

There is no woman out there who isn’t concerned about her body shape and is ready to do anything in order to own the bikini body she has always wanted. Well, fortunately, you don’t have to do “anything”! Making some essential, little changes on your everyday habits, are more than enough to get you where you want with your bikini body.

These below-mentioned tips are all you need to have the body you deserve this summer. And believe us, no “extreme” diet or crazy gym routines are needed…



Are you following the 20/80 rule?


healthy eating


The 80/20 rule principle includes no diet or extreme measures to be taken! But, this rule might be the key to your weight loss process. If you don’t know anything about it or haven’t been following its principles, then, you are missing a lot. This rule is supposed to teach you balance and moderation on every meal you consume. It makes the entire “clean-living” thing to last a life time!


This rule consists in 80% of your daily intake to be whole foods which are essential to being healthy. The other 20% is the room you have left to include some “unhealthy” foods on your daily intake. The 20% represents your free time to choose all kinds of fun foods without compromising your health since 80% of your everyday food is completely made from healthy, natural foods, filed with all the necessary nutritional values and elements that your body needs.

You see, is not about choosing to eat junk food, is about your peace of mind.  Knowing that you sometimes, during the day, can include an ice cream or chocolate into your daily intake will make you happier and more motivated to continue eating healthy 80% of your time. This will boost your being-in-shape process.



Stop training longer, train smarter




Yes, this is the second rule that it’s time for you to follow. Many people assume that spending more than 1 hour a day at the gym, training and following different programs, will make them own the body they’ve dreamed of. But, this is not true at all. If you really want results, then, training in an efficient way, for a shorter time, is way better than training for longer periods in a moderate way. Try to train in an intense level that really challenges your body for about 30-40 minutes.  You should not risk overtraining just because you think training for longer periods will make you achieve your goals faster. When you overconsume your muscles, they can break down and cause muscle tissue and lead you to different injuries. Also, overtraining can make the body loose essential minerals and fluids that lead you to an unhealthy state.



Get enough fluids


drink water


And by that, we mean water! It is the first, most vital fluid you can put in your body. Everything, your cells, organs, muscles, blood, etc. contain water, that’s why, by not drinking enough of it means you risk tons of health-related issues. But, we’re not going to analyze them today. We want to teach you why water is so essential for weight loss.  Getting your bikini body ready means you need to put every effort into making it happen without risking your health or anything else. That is why, choosing to drink water and other natural fluids such as juices or teas, means you are choosing a healthy way to help you lose the extra weight you need to. Whether you’re a gym fanatic, a Yoga lover or Just like to jog, water is going to give you that extra boost you need to increase the amount of calories you burn (known also as resting energy expenditure), and also, keep your body properly function.


Try to drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. This amount doesn’t have to necessarily be in the basic form of water. Teas, juices or soups are a good course of water intake too.



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