“Joke of a course” - Richie Porte slams Tour de France directors after

“Joke of a course” – Richie Porte slams Tour de France directors after brutal crash

Porte crash


Post-crash effects of Richie Porte have made him question whether the organizers of Tour de France would love seeing their sons descend the high-speed Mont du Chat or not.


Porte seems to couldn’t help keeping his thoughts to himself when it comes to something he has called a ‘ Joke of a course”. He slammed Tour de France organizers clearly showing them how disappointed, unhappy and furious he is about the event.


This reaction came after Australian rider brutally crashed at the stage nine while passing a tricky descent. After the crash in Mont du Chat descent, Porte has seriously questioned the route’s safety.


“Basically, every rider in that peloton was questioning the safety of that descent,” Porte said.


“The organizers do need to look at that. Would they be happy to sit there and watch their son go down that descent?”. Porte also made sure to evaluate his questioning as on point and not as a result of his current condition. He admitted he won’t be able to get back for at least three weeks.



Keeping the optimism On


“I’m super-motivated for the Tour de France, 2018 – for me that’s the biggest thing,” Porte added. “It was a bit of a joke of a course – it’s not really a traditional Tour de France. I don’t really know that they got it right.”


However, it seemed the Australian rider kept his optimism having no fear the brutal crash will play a significant part in his future career. “I don’t see it as something that’s going to plague me for the rest of my career”- he added.



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