TriFind Consumer Update - DO NOT INSTALL WINDOWS 8.1

From Steve Adams: Editor in Chief -


This is the first Consumer warning I have posted in years.

We had an update come through today from Micro-soft,

It said it was recomended, so we did the update, and now our most powerful computer is essentially useless to us.

Dropdowns don't work,

text boxes have error messages in them

Our computer completely froze up, and even "controll alt delete" didn't work correctly, and for the first time in about 5 years, I had to un-plug a computer because it was completely frozen.

I have gone on line to find a fix, and this seems to be a huge problem.

I have not found a person yet who can un install this.

So please be sure you know the potential danger of rendering your computer useless before choosing this update.


Oh yea, and good luck in your next triathlon ;-)

Steve A

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