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Lauren Kukis
Happy Pace Coaching
Greenville, SC
One-on-one coaching for triathletes, any distance. - Weekly personalized training plan tailored to your fitness, races, goals and life. - Schedule adjustments, as needed. - Daily communication and workout feedback via email, text or phone/video call. - Direction on race plans, nutrition and recovery. - Access to private Facebook team page. - Equipment - Required: Heart rate monitor & GPS device. Suggested: Power meter
Beginners, Long Course, Short Course, Women Specific
Needing extra motivation to get in shape, my friend convinced me to sign up for a super-sprint triathlon. I instantly fell in love. Over two years I went from not being able to run a full lap on the track to becoming an Ironman. As my races became more challenging, I realized I needed the guidance of a coach. Hiring a coach was the best decision I made in my athletic career. Through proper training, I cut 23 minutes off my half marathon time that next year. I then placed top 10 AG in a 70.3 and crossed my first Ironman finish line several months later. Throughout my athletic career, I have celebrated many happy moments and great races along with the struggle that can accompany the sport, including injury. On my journey, I had a hunger for learning all aspects of the endurance athlete’s life. As I coach, I come from a background that understands the hard work and dedication it takes to reach goals and how to handle life when it throws you a curve-ball. At Happy Pace Coaching, it’s about supporting each other, our goals and our challenges. Happy Pace Coaching encompasses everything I believe in: Growing fitness while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. My goal is to have my athletes maintain that balance while growing their love and passion for their sport.

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