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Andrew Sheaff
Mastering Flow
Charlottesville, VA
Technical Analysis- Using video analysis, I identify the major technical opportunities in your swimming. I show you what they look like, why they’re a problem, and I provide the exercises that most effectively address those issues. Technical Training Programs- After using video analysis to identify the most significant technical opportunities, I create a training program to help accelerate how quickly you can learn these skills. I provide specific workouts for you to perform that address the issues that are present. Skill Development Systems- I provide individuals with the tools to optimize their learning in the water. I use teach strategies to enhance skill acquisition, and these strategies can be applied to any technical problem that one is trying to solve. Team Training Programs- I provide teams with scalable workouts and training plans to develop the skills and fitness required to improve their racing in the water. These are all REMOTE services.
Beginners, Clydesdale/Athena, Draft Legal, Long Course, Off-Road, Short Course, Women Specific, Youth and Junior, NCAA, High School/Collegiate
I help multisport athletes struggling in the water to identify the critical skills required for improvement, and I provide them with the tools to develop those same skills in any location. I specialize in skill development, identifying the critical skills for improving speed, identifying the exercises that are most effective at facilitating change, creating practice conditions that optimize learning, and training skills to withstand the pressure of competition.

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