Coach Details

Karen Doehrman
E3 Multisport
Brownsboro, AL

Power Analysis
Swim Stroke Analysis
Run Gait Analysis
Equipment purchase consultation
Bike Fit instruction and consultation
Custom Training Plans
Yoga sessions
Group workouts
Open water swims
Detailed performance analysis
One on one coaching
Goal Setting
Mental Toughness

E3 Multisport specializes in training athletes for the demands of long course (Ironman and 1/2 Ironman) as well as Olympic distance races.
We offer group training programs for people interested in doing their first Olympic distance triathlon.
We also work with groups of brand new athletes who desire to do their first ever sprint.

We specialize in working with busy professionals who have demanding, jobs, families and other commitments outside of triathlon training.
Our motto is Maximize YOU!

Karen Doehrman's primary interest as a triathlon coach is enabling and guiding her clients to achieve their goals.  E3 Multisport coaches do this by building confidence, and providing focused, personalized training. The mind-body relationship in training, mental toughness concepts and creating life balance are the cornerstones of her training philosophy. Karen believes in no nonsense, hard work; always pushing to do your best - each time.

Karen is a multiple Ironman finisher and frequent age group placer. Karen is also a certified yoga instructor who turned to teaching power yoga to combat boredom with traditional strength training and core work. Karen is convinced yoga is an integral component/cross-training leading to improved racing! Additionally, as a certified life and wellness coach, Karen knows how to sort out the personal challenges of multiple roles in an athlete’s life: professional, spouse, parent, friend, and athlete!