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Molly C Roohi
Roohi Racing
Federal Way, WA
One-on-One Coaching, Individual Coaching sessions, Race/Nutrition Plans, Swim/Bike/Run lessons
Beginners, Long Course, Short Course, Women Specific
Roohi Racing was created to provide coaching services to triathletes and runners of all levels who are serious about progress. As an athlete I have raced sprints to 5ks to marathons to Ironman and everything in between. I believe that coaching helps to accelerate the learning curve and I want to help you avoid the mistakes that I’ve made. Whether your goal is finishing your first sprint or winning your age group at your next Ironman, as a coach I would be honored to guide you on your journey. I strive to continually grow as a coach and to use my knowledge to help athletes progress season after season. Roohi Racing is currently based out of Seattle, WA, but I coach runners and triathletes all over the United States.

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