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Alex Lloyd
Fit Performance LLC
Carmel, IN

For those who want the benefit of being trained by a truly professional athlete, but do not have the time to devote to one on one training, but still want a training program put together with 24/7 help and assistance from Alex, a tailored online program can be put together based on your goals. Whether you are a highly accomplished athlete, or just trying to complete your first sprint triathlon or short running race etc, Alex can put a program together for you, based on you schedule. Each week Alex will send a schedule of workouts for the week and follow up with you at least once a week (or as often as you need - he is there for you) to see how the training is progressing and discuss upcoming workouts and strategies for the upcoming event. The software used allows us to analyze data and see tangible results of improvement with sophisticated graphs and charts. This is one of the leading software programs for training in the world and comes as standard to all clients.

Alex also offers 1 on 1 training and tuition to go along with your online training program to really help take you to that next level to achieve your ultimate fitness goals. 

Alex has an open mind to what type of services he offers as he understands that every athlete is different and has different needs. To go along with the training, Alex can offer nutritional advice, equipment advice, mental advice and strategies of how to approach a particular event you may be entered in to make you physically and mentally ready and able to achieve your goals, what ever they may be.

For more information, or a free consultation with Alex to find out how he can help, please email - [email protected]

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Alex Lloyd grew up in England and began racing race cars at the tender age of 8. He progressed up the ranks before moving to Indianapolis Indiana in 2006 to race in the INDYCAR Series and INDY 500. In 2007 Alex dominated the Indy Lights Championship winning 8 of 16 races, becoming the most successful driver in Series history. He is also the only driver in history to have ever won on both the road course and oval at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

In 2008 Alex raced his first of 4 INDY 500's. His best finish was a 4th place in 2010. Alex was also the INDYCAR Series Rookie of the Year that same year.

Alex has focused on training throughout his career in racing, as the physical load put on drivers going 230mph is hard to fathom if you have not experienced it. An extremely high level of fitness is key and Alex became known as one of the fittest guys in his sport, working with some of the worlds top trainers. Before long Alex went off on his own developing his own training methods based off all he had learned and spent many years studying the trade. Alex began helping younger drivers in preparing them physically for the challenge of being a professional athlete. 

Alex developed a huge passion for racing triathlons along side his race car career, finding that the specific triathlon training really helped both himself, and the other drivers he was training. From there Alex became a sponsored triathlete, competing in IRONMAN 70.3 events and throughout the country, as well as still competing in many of his local triathlons too. Alex continued to develop his training strategies through himself and his experiences when racing triathlons, and also with the other athletes he coached.

Alex's passion for triathlon led him to focus a lot of attention on specific triathlon training and became an expert in the field. He now trains many amateur triathlete's and fitness enthusiasts alike and helps them reach their goals in the fitness industry. Alex is also still racing INDYCAR's and the INDY 500.