Coach Details

Rob Barlow
FeXY Coaching Services
Arlington, VA


Multisport Coaching:  Triathlon / Duathlon. 
Multisport Field Testing:  Swim/Bike/Run 
One-on-one personalized coaching for athletes 
Custom tailored training for the busy executive  

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Rob is a USAT Level 1 coach, having coached triathlon for three seasons, to groups and individuals, around the Washington DC area.    He has coached individuals of all skill levels to successful completion of sprint and Olympic triathlons to 1/2 and full Ironmans. His strengths lie in breaking down each skill to digestible pieces for athletes and leading group workouts. His technical skills lie in swimming at all levels, bike handling for the novice to elite athlete and fine tuning athletes looking to improve their run times.

Rob has worked with former collegiate athletes and corporate executives who have the discipline and drive to set their sites on accomplishing formidable goals, but understand that they don't have the time to learn the sport on their own.  They are looking for a coach that understands their schedule and will tailor a solution to their unique circumstances in a discrete and professional manner.