Coach Details

Ashley Morris
AME Coaching
Cape May, NJ

AME is a 1:1 multi-sport and endurance coaching company. I develop effective customized training programs based on history, current fitness level, life schedule and goals. I coach athletes of all ability levels, both locally and remotely.

AME works with all ability levels from beginner through the more advanced athlete for multi-sport and endurance events. Other specialties include women-specific training and youth and junior. 

My passion is human performance and maximizing the potential of the human body, training individuals to be the best they can be in whatever their goal.  I graduated with my Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the Human Performance Lab at Ball State University and since then have attained my Level 1 USA Triathlon coaching certification, USAT Youth and Junior coaching certification and Level III USAC certification. I thrive in the triathlon and endurance event environment, and I want to bring this same passion and energy to you, working in tandem to achieve your goals.