Coach Details

Charlie Tupitza
Warrenton Masters Swim and Tri
Warrenton, VA

Regular Swim practices Sunday's 4:30, Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:30pm
Workouts for triathletes help with technique, stamina, energy conservation, and reduction of anxiety related to races and practices. Group runs, and bikes.  Social activities, mini triathlons, inside and outside as training.
Individual assessment and training.

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Team: Warrenton Masters Swim and Tri team is in its fourth year at the Warrenton Athletic Recreation Facility,   We are a US Masters Swim Team and a USAT Team with our  defined by the original definition of the word Competition, "Come together to seek improvement". 

Coach: Charlie Tupitza
Current US Masters Coaching Committee Triathlete Chair, Vice Chair of VIrginia Masters Swimming LMSC.
Competitive swimmer for over 50 years, Won swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco four times (non-wetsuit), past second place one mile and third two mile USMS nationals.  Charlie swims open water races butterfly to demonstrate the use of pace and technique to conserve energy while swimming faster. Watch for him picking off as many colors of caps as he swims from the last wave.