Coach Details

Tommy Johnson
Sport Speed Lab
Frisco, TX

Custom Coaching
- ongoing coaching relationship for triathletes, runners and cyclists.  Training plan delivered via Training Peaks.  Bi-weekly video conference to review plan and progress.  Ulimited communcation via text, phone, email.  
1-on-1 coaching - Swimming, cycling and running technique and biomechanical analysis

Retul motion capture bike fitting

Active metabolic testing (VO2)
Blood Lactate testing
Resting Metabolic Rate testing

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My coaching philosophy is based on effective athlete/coach communication and athlete education. I believe effective coaching requires the athlete and coach to communicate on a very regular basis. I encourage my coached athletes to communicate via text, email, phone, video conference or face-to-face whenever needed. As your coach, it’s my job to know the science of training and use it appropriately to help you reach your goals. Effective athlete/coach communication adds context to the training plan and workout data. 

Strengths: cycling, running
Coaching since 2008

USA Triathlon, Level 1 Coach
USA Cycling, Level 3 Coach
RRCA Certified Running Coach
Retul Certified Bike Fitter
FIST Certified Bike Fitter
TrainingPeaks Level 1 Certified
TrainingPeaks University
CPR/AED/First Aid