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Kella Price
Kella Price Fitness
Yuma, AZ

I specialize in individual instruction in all aspects of training for triathletes, whether you are aspiring to do your first Triathlon to training for an Ironman.  I do this as one part of a comprehensive approach to coaching my athletes for success.  I will help you with your nutrition plan to ensure you are fueling your body for performance, and will work with you to develop a sound cross-training program to maximize performance and prevent injuries.

I also specialize in running performance, whether you are just starting to run or are training for ultra races. 

I am a fitness and nutrition Coach, and I have successfully coached athletes to personal acheivement, from a non-runner training for their first 5K to Sprints to Ironman.  I am also an experienced triathlete, who practices what I teach.  In 2017, I placed in the top 5 for 3 of my 4 triathons, including a 1st place win and 2nd place overall for females.  I have run numerous  half marathons, the Marine Corps Marathon, Ragnar Relays, and Ultras.  I have taught swim lessons and have personally overcome asthma to compete.