Coach Details

Shawn Wierick
Triple Threat Racing
Tulsa, OK
I offer professional coaching for triathletes; novice to elite, long course to short, and non draft to draft legal.  

I offer one level of coaching for my athletes, my absolute best.  I am selective with who I coach.  I limit my athletes to a very small field to ensure quality.  I remove this profile when I am full, so if you are seeing this it means that I have at least one spot open.  

A few things to know.
1. I do not limit communication. (I always do my best to stay very connected to all my athletes)
2. Everything is included in my coaching.
    -Plan built week to week
       -Swim lessons (video analysis included and I like to do it often)
    -Run mechanics work (also with video and often)
    -Bike skill work (I believe in developing a well rounded athlete and that means taking time to master your machine)
    -Blood lactate testing (when needed)(training zones, HR, Pace, Power)
    -This list could go on and on, but to make it simple, whatever we need to do we do and we have the means to make it happen.

More perks of being associated with Triple Threat are use of team goods when needed and not in use by elites.  We have great sponsors which means great deals, we provide use of race wheels at no cost, and we have a professional team mechanic who will provide free tune ups when needed and much more.

Please don't hesitate to contact me.  

My specialty is performance.  My athletes tend to be more performance focused however I have had and do have many first time athletes with the sole goal of crossing the finish line.  I am big on skill development with all three sports and believe in developing a well rounded and balanced athlete.  

I am a coach in the more traditional sense. Meaning I am not going to feed an athlete any nonsense to ensure a paycheck.  I am very straight forward and to the point with the end goal of simply helping my athlete achieve their goals.

Shawn Wierick is a certified USAT Elite Level 2 Coach with over 15 years of experience in endurance sports.  He has a B.S. in Biology, an M.S. in Leadership & Ethics, an MBA, and is pursuing his Ph.D in Exercise Physiology. 

USAT Elite Level  2 Coach
USAT Youth and Junior Specialist
USAC Level 2 Coach
USATF Level 2 Coach
USA Swimming/ASCA Level 2 Coach