Coach Details

Jorge Martinez
E3 Training Solutions, LLC
Watertown, MA
Rates & Fees: 
Integrated Personalized programs - $250-$300
Personalized Plans - $100-$150
YouCoach (online coaching) - $50-$60
Nutrition - $149.00 ($49 month)
Racing/Fueling Plans - $49.00-$99.00
Performance Analysis (swim, bike or run) - $150.00-$200.00
Clinical Gait Analysis - $329.00

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We are committed to helping everyday, amateur and professional athletes achieve superior performance through proven training concepts, science and technology.

We dont follow a one-size-fits-all approach or force our athletes to mold onto our methods. Instead, we use our knowledge and experience to examine and address each athletes specific needs and limitations. Accordingly, we design the best personalized plan seeking to strike the best balance between athletic goals and life priorities

You wont find a lot of hype here. We dont lead you to believe there are short cuts or magic keys and we DONT want to. Our athletes succeed based on simple physiological and training principles like: adaptation, consistency, periodization, specificity, execution and above all, hard work.