Coach Details

Karen Edwards
A Time to Bike LLC
Scotch Plains, NJ
Some people assume that they do not need help preparing for cycling or triathlon events because they cycled as children.  This is true but our bodies and most likely our bikes are not the ones we had years ago!  The bikes today are much more complex than they were 10 years ago.  There are various types of bikes made from many different types of material (carbon, aluminum, steel).  Years ago we didn't know what to do with the 10-12 gears on our bikes.  Now we can easily have 20-30 gears to choose from.  If we use them wisely, we can better climb the hills and save our muscles from being over worked.  Come find out how to use your bike properly.  Rather than doing a regular group ride, try out my groups rides which incorporate a lesson to ensure you are building your skills and becoming a more efficient cyclist.  Private lessons are also available as well as off-the-bike and bike circuit training sessions.

Training for shorter distance triathlons and charity rides or just riding for fun and fitness. Distances up to 25-30 miles with average speed from 10-15 mph.    Last few years have specialized in training women triathletes.
Karen has been cycling seriously for over twenty years.  In the last few years, she has formalized that knowledge by becoming a USA Cycling Certified Level 3 Coach and Certified Spin Instructor.  She has been volunteering as a cycling leader with the Tri-Women Group since 2008.  She started Karen Edwards Cycling in 2010 to help address issues she noticed riders struggling with and to venture into running a cycling business.  She wishes to share her cycling knowledge with others so they can have a more enjoyable cycling experience and achieve their goals to complete cycling and triathlon events.

Karen has been helping the local Tri-Women group by hosting basic classes on how to buy a bike, gearing, and how to ride on the road in a group since 2008.  She has successfully worked with beginners who needed to build their confidence to ride on local roads and varying terrains.

Karen has completed four sprint triathlons and multiple cycling event for pleasure and charity.