Coach Details

Scott Baldwin
FeXY Coaching Services
Reston, VA
Triathlon and endurance multisport..Running, mental toughness training, mixed use of HRMs, GPS and RPE, long term planning, race preparation and execution
Long Course Triathlon and marathons.
In high school, I became interested in cycling and was fascinated by the NBC broadcast of the Hawaii Ironman. I asked my track coach if hed coach me in triathlon. He said sure and told me to focus on running for the next four years. I did my first triathlon as part of a run, canoe, bike relay with some friends. Not until many years later did I toe the start line of my first solo swim-bike-run sprint triathlon in 2001. It was the hardest thing I had ever done and I was hooked. Since the start of my triathlon racing career, Ive completed over 100 multiport events ranging from sprint tri to multi-day triathlon events. I have been successful at reaching goals over a wide range of race distances with careful training and race preparation. My initial goal when I started training for and racing triathlons was to toe the start line at the IM Worlds Champs in Kona. After many failed attempts with one year plans, I stepped back and realized I needed to reassess and lay out a multi-year plan with milestones along the way. Over a 3 year period I was able to slowly build the right foundation to be able to race an Ironman fast and smart enough to capture a Kona spot.