Coach Details

Patrick Dwyer
Seattle, WA
Swim, run, bicycle coaching for strength, endurance and grace; triathlon planning for beginners. All levels; beginners especially welcome, as well as "non" swimmers, or swimmers with doubts about their swimming.

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    I am a coach and a triathlete. My coaching in any area is based on watching your actual performance in the sport, discussing with you your ambitions and objectives, and then directing you to achieve success in those objectives and ambitions by providing guidance on what you personally and uniquely can do next, rather than what not to do.
    I coach from core strength to promote vitality without injury, and I coach from freedom and grace to produce the most efficient style tailored to you and your body. Free-er is faster! I am most amazingly successful with athletes who dread swimming. I can turn that around in 2-3 sessions; I have done it in one session. My athletes are beautiful, strong swimmers, no matter what they thought of themselves to begin with. Free trial available.