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Lee Gardner
Trismarter Triathlon Coaching & Nutrition
Colorado Springs, CO
Tri4Life encompasses a holistic approach to preparation and training. Using scientifically proven methods for training endurance athletes, along with in-depth analysis of training data, incorporating the latest tools and techniques, we create customized training plans that fit your lifestyle and schedule, for all abilities and distances. Working closely with your triathlon coach, you will not only accomplish all of your triathlon goals and targets, but exceed your personal expectations.

Learn more about our Tri4Life Triathlon Coaching Services, Tri4Life: Victory & Tri4Life: Ultima.


Eat2Win services offer a range of nutritional solutions that will carry you from the off-season to the finish line. Working closely with one of our expert dietitians, you will develop a close relationship that will pay dividends on race day. Learn more about our Sports Nutrition services Eat2Win.


Tri2Lose program is designed to be a permanent solution to the problems of obesity and being overweight, not a short-term fix. Our methods are based on clinical data from the scientific literature and personal athletic, clinical, and research-based experience. Our goal is to help you shed the weight that has been holding you back in a healthy, sustainable manor. We cant think of a better way to do this than through the sport of Triathlon!

Learn more about our Triathlon Weight Loss program, Tri2Lose.

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Trismarter Trithlon Coaching & NutritionTrismarter - triathlon coaching and sports nutrition services. Trismarter provides the highest quality in-person and online triathlon coaching and sports nutrition services for all levels of athletes, from beginner triathlete, training for their first triathlon race, through high performance elites and seasoned Ironman triathletes. Our triathlon services are based on a superior understanding of the sport as well as the needs of each and every client with whom we work. We build, assess, and customize our services for one purpose: to offer the best triathlon coaching in the business.