Coach Details

Chris Towle
LEB3 Multi-Sport Performance Training LLC
Baltimore, MD

LEB3 specializes in triathlon and Distance Running related coaching services. Performance training is available year-round at the JDyer Sports Performance Center.

  • Year Long Program Design

  • 70.3 Distance Program Design (Program Duration Can Vary)

  • 8-12 week Sprint and Olympic Distance Program Design

  • IRONMAN Distance Program Design(Time Varies)

  • 12 marathon Program Design

  • Full Marathon Program Design.

  • Juniors/Youth Triathlon Training

Online and Personal coaching services are available, with both phone consultations and email support.  Please contact LEB 3 for more information
Aside from Race Specific Training.  LEB3 is the area's ONLY Strength and Conditioning program designed for endurance athletes.  We utilize a year round strength and conditioning program that ensures our athletes a better race result, faster and safer recovery periods and greatly enhanced injury prevention.  
Christopher R Towle-Director of the LEB3 program, has trained and coached athletes for 20 years. He was introduced to the coaching side of Multisport in 2008, and began to Live Eat Breath Tri almost immediately! Chris views the sport from the aspect of performance coming from attaining the proper balance of strength, speed, power and fun! Chris is an active racer as well as trainer and coach. 

He demands that all of his athletes embrace the sport for it's purest qualities; which is to be perfectly content wearing really tight clothing and just hanging out all day in these race outfits! Chris's extensive experience in the world of strength training, allows his clients a unique advantage over others, in that he uses corrective exercises fundamentals, to enable an athlete to grow beyond physical and physiological limitations.