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Pete Simon
Balanced Training Solutions
Nogales, AZ
I offer a broad range of services from semi-self coached plans/options all the way up to comprehensive coaching which includes daily email/phone consults and schedule changes based on an athlete's schedule and adaptation to training.  No matter what your situation I have a coaching plan for you.

I am well versed in training with power meters, heart rate monitors, and running or swimming devices.  Training can be as simple or as data driven as the athlete prefers.  
I specialize in sprint triathlons up to half-ironman.  I enjoy training beginners and those who are interested in pursuing a healthy lifestyle and would like to use triathlon as a vehicle to motivate them towards losing weight, living longer, and getting more out of life.  I welcome all ages and all ability levels and enjoy working with the athlete as a team to help develop the best possible training plan that moves them forward and also promotes health and wellness.

I am a USAT level I and USA Cycling level 3 certified coach.  I am also a certified Wellness coach endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine.  In addition to this I am a certified Psychologist.  

I have worked as an endurance coach for for several years and currently own my own training company.  I specialize in endurance sports but also have an extensive background in strength training and track and field (Collegiate Level) in the sprints and middle distance events.

I pride myself on offering the best and most comprehensive coaching services available and have developed a system which allows me to track athlete's compliance with workout completion as well as setting weekly goals which will keep you motivated and quantify your training efforts.

I am also well versed in facilitating goal setting strategies and have a great deal of experience in helping
individuals set specific, measurable, abtainable, realistic, and testable goals.

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