Coach Details

Scott Roy
Team Blaze Spokane Triathlon Club
Spokane, WA

Coaching and Services

    Private Coaching:

    • Private plans and one on one coaching available for all abilities and race distances.
    • Contact one of the coaches for more information and pricing.

    Group Coaching:

    Performance Testing & Analysis:

    • Swim
      • This service will allow the athlete to have their stroke analyzed above and below the water through the use of underwater video equipment.
        • The Team Blaze member packages will cost $50 for 2 video analysis sessions which will include a front, side and top view as well as stroke analysis with correction drills and a copy of the DVD to take home.  We plan to offer a follow up video session about 4-6 weeks later which will include all of the above. Each additional session will cost $15. 
        •  The non-member rates will be $75 and $25 for follow up sessions.
    • Bike
      • Functional Threshold Testing.
        • Accurate analysis of your bike fitness
        • Find your true aerobic and anaerobic thresholds for heart rate and power
          • Don't just estimate your heart rate and power training zones. Know them precisely for more effective training.

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Life Balance Triathlon Coaching

I earned a B.A. in Health Education in 1995. I have 20+ years competitive swimming experience and a former college swimmer (Linfield College1991-1995).  I began my triathlon journey in 2000 after moving to Honolulu. I've completed 75+ triathlons and running races since 1998. The journey that started as way to get back in shape and lose the 40 lbs gained after swimming college has turned into a lifestyle and passion.  I have experience competing at all levels/distances including local/regional races, Age Group Nationals, Xterra World Championships, Escape from Alcatraz, Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2004, 2005 and IM Canada 2008.  I've completed 15 marathons including Columbia Gorge, Portland, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Chicago and Boston. Some of my athletic highlights included consistent top age group, top 10 overall finishes, IM CDA 10:25, Chicago Marathon 2:59, and Boston Marathon.

My coaching philosophy involves preparing and educating each individual athlete which leads to what I feel is the most important aspect of any training program: enjoying the journey!  I feel the successful coaching of athletes is based on excellent communication, consistent training, and attention to detail. I believe in working closely and in cooperation with athletes to define and refine their goals and teach them how to achieve them. My role as a coach involves motivating athletes, preventing injuries due to overtraining and challenging them to reach their goals.  I understand the importance of keeping life in perspective through prioritizing family, work, and training. This balance is key to enjoying the journey!  Winning trophies and medals is a nice bonus but the real reward to an athlete is this process, the journey. The real reward and success of coaching is helping athletes reach their goals.

I've coached swimming for 20 years and triathlon & running for 10 years. I've completed training as a USAT Level 2 triathlon coach.  I enjoy coaching and working with athletes of all ages and ability levels. He has successfully coached 30+ athletes to IM finishes since 2005!  Contact me directly for more information about private coaching options and group training programs.

Healthy training!

Coach Scott