Coach Details

Kenneth Lewis
Scottsdale, AZ
Tri2XL Coaching meets with athletes to discuss primary race interests, goals, time commitments and equipment.  Races are categorized and detailed training plans are developed every two weeks leading towards peak performance in "A" races.  Primary communication is by software provided to each athlete.  The software includes the detailed plan and is used by the athlete to log their training and view their progress.  Tri2XL is also available by email and phone.  Specifically services include: 
  • A conference to establish goals, race schedule, and other information pertinent for preparing the training plan.
  • Detailed training plans every two weeks.
  • Training Log software to view plans, enter actuals, and view progress.
  • Detailed CompuTrainer workouts
Athletes over 50
Ken Lewis is a top age group triathlete having won over 25 age group races in the past 6 years.  During that time he has competed in the World Triathlon Championships in Portugal, Hawaii, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and Australia.  He started his triathlon career with the first three triathlons raced in England including the first "Ironman" in 1983.  He has run numerous marathons including London, New York and Boston.  Training and racing has been his lifestyle for over 30 years and during that time, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on how to maintain a long term athletic lifestyle and, more importantly, how to get to the next level.