Coach Details

Helenita Jacobs
Manhattan, MT
Helenita specializes in swim improvement.  She teaches two revolutionary methods that can transform your swim.  If you are a new triathlete and have a fear of water we can work with Miracle Swimming to get you ready to learn freestyle without any qualms. New triathletes looking for the easiest, most methodical way to learn freestyle will find that the Total Immersion (TI) method is the most widely respected swim instruction in the triathlon world. It is the one method that will teach you a fluid, efficient and beautiful stroke step by step.

Advanced triathletes seeking to fine-tune their stroke will find the Endless Pool, speed clinics and video analysis capabilities to be extremely helpful in their quest for improved time and comfort.
Helenita's focus is on swimming, ranging from comfort in the water to competitive performance for improvement minded swimmers.
Helenita comes from a swimming background having enjoyed water and water sports all her life.  She has participated in numerous triathlons. She now divides her time between Seattle and Bozeman.  She is a Senior TI instructor and directs the weekend workshops throughout the Northwest (Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Idaho and Montana)