Coach Details

Doug Clark
Morristown, NJ
Doug provides specific training plans on a weekly basis to a very limited number of athletes. He prefers to engage in one-off or as-necessary meetings on line, by phone, or in person, to help plan training schedules, help with racing strategies, or indeed help with any other aspect of multisport.

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Hawaii Ironman 2009 Age Group Champion, USAT + Inside Triathlon's Masters Athlete of the Year for 2009.  USAT Certified Coach Doug Clark is like most athletes, he has a very busy life and wants to maximize his athletic potential in the minimum time possible.
After 13 years racing at a high level in the sport, taking overall wins in a third of his 100+ starts, his coaching extends way beyond simply developing athlete-specific training plans. His insight, experience, and scientific background enable him to add value to athletes in a multitude of ways on top of providing a tailored workout program.