Coach Details

Bridget Jones
TN Multisports
Seattle, WA

TN Multisports was created by Teresa Nelson with the support of her athletes and friends. After several years of working with athletes and recognizing the keys to achieving personal success in sport, Teresa wanted to create an environment for her athletes where success was easily accessible and where individuals could strive in competition, fun, friendships, goal setting, and accountability.

At TN Multisports we focus on building a team environment based upon group workouts, events and races, while setting individual goals for each person that walks through the door. TN Multisports encourages and supports every athlete looking to improve his or her fitness levels and personal goals. We offer regularly scheduled workouts and assign a coach/mentor to each team member in order to guide him or her with their goals. TN Multisports provides a wide range of services including individual triathlon coachingprivate lessonssingle sport coachingteam memberships, and much more.

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Bridget Cressman-Jones is thrilled to be working with her long time training partner Teresa towards a mutual goal of helping others realize their athletic potential.

Competitive athletics have been a part of Bridgets life since her childhood. A seasoned athlete, before her first triathlon in 2003 Bridget was a nationally ranked competitive ski racer through the end of high school as well as a collegiate soccer player. Despite having to balance both ski racing and soccer, she was able to excel at the highest levels in both sports.

After college, Bridget moved back to Seattle and felt it was time for a new athletic challenge. In the summer of 2003, she started training and competed in her first ever triathlon at Beaver Lake. After she came in first in her age group, a new passion for multi sports began and she hasnt looked back since. Since that first triathlon at Beaver Lake, Bridget has been a consistent age group winner and top 10 overall female finisher.

Notable Accomplishments


  • 2009 1st overall female Kirkland Sprint Triathlon
  • 2009 3rd overall female Lake Stevens Olympic Triathlon
  • 2003-2008 Over a dozen 1st place age group finishes
  • 2005 1st overall female Reebok Womens Tri Series
  • 2006 2nd overall female Black Diamond

Ski Racing

  • 1999 Reached United States National Championships
  • 1999 1st Place, FIS Big Mountain Speed Series


  • 1999-2002 Played on the Wellesley College Varsity team
  • 2002 Team Captain
  • 1999, 2000, 2002 NCAA Regional All-American