Coach Details

Liz Hobbs
Flagstaff, AZ

Personal Coaching

As a student growing up, there are normally many opportunities to participate in sports with a coach to guide you, and also to hold you accountable.  As adults with many responsibilities, most people find it easiest to participate in individual sports such as triathlon, swimming or running.  Some people are self motivated and knowledgeable about what they need to do to perform their best.  The rest of us need help, with a plan, suggested workouts, and someone to help monitor their progress. I offer this type of personal coaching for swimming and multisport athletes.  Coaching packages are individualized and can include any or all of the following:

--Swim sessions with video taping and analysis, and stroke technique work

--A weekly workout plan for swimming or for multisports

--Email and phone call exchanges and updates as needed

--Race planning and strategy


Swim Lessons

When I go to lap swim at NAU or FAC, I want to spend all my time helping people improve their technique.  I see so many folks working so hard and not really going anywhere fast.  I am a firm believer that you can always make improvements in your stroke efficiency, and thus make faster and easier improvements in swim speed and/or endurance.  My lessons focus on improving stroke technique, and can also include strokes other than freestyle, starts, and flip turns.I

I specialize in swimming training and technique improvement, as well as creating workout plans that help a swimmer or triathlete maximize their potential and reach their goals.

--All American Swimmer at University of Alabama

--Over 25 years experience coaching masters, age group and college levels

--Masters swimming World and National Record Holder

--Former marketing manager for Speedo.  Part of my job was to go to races and work with athletes and I learned a lot about triathlon racing and training at all levels and distances.  The highlight of my years with Speedo was being there at the start at the Sydney Olympics with the first US Triathletes.

--Currently I compete in masters swimming and an occasional triathlon.  I coach the NAU masters group, and Flagstaff Peaks Aquatic Club.  I also teach lap swimming and swim lessons at Flagstaff Athletic Club.