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Alex Corredor
USAT PERFORMANCE CENTER at Tri on the Run Fitness Center
Houston, TX
Orientation for Sprint , Olympic and 1/2 Ironman is on January 8 th at noon. This will be at our Fitness Center.
Olympic Program begins January 9 th
Sprint and 1/2 Ironman begins on January 15 th.

12 week    GROUP training program

Wednesday or Thursday Core & Spin Class at Fitness Center
Saturday Swim group workout. Saturday Group Run
Sunday group Bike ride
Seminars: Nutrition, Bike Mechanic, Transition
16 week training Schedule emailed to trainee
Unlimited communication by email or phone
10% discount at Tri On The Run
10% discount at On The Run
15% discount on all Fitness Center Services
(includes VO2 Testing, RMR Testing, Nutritional Analysis, Gait Analysis or Bike Fitting)
Training Program T-shirt
Training Mesh Bag


is available at Tri on the Run Fitness Center.

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-Lonstar 1/2 IRONMAN 2008 and 2009
-Ironstar 1/2 IRONMAN 2008
-Houston Marathon 2008 and 2009
-Contact me at [email protected]