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Todd Parker
TP2 - Todd Parker Training Programs
Philadelphia, PA
Professional Coaching, Personal Training, and Consulting Services tailored to meet the goals and fitness needs of the athlete, client, team, or organization. There are no limitations to who we can help. Whether you're new to exercise (age 12 - 90 years of age), previously sedentary, or in excellent physical condition, we can help you achieve your goals - whatever they may be. As for athletics, TP2 primarily focuses on endurance athletes such as Triathletes, Cyclists, Runners, and Swimmers. Some examples of services offered are; personalized in-person and on-line daily training plans and (local) sessions, biomechanical assessments of Swimming, Cycling, and Running form and technique, professional bike fits, personally tailored strength training, cardiovascular fitness, and health & wellness services, field lactate threshold tests, and although we currently do not have a lab on site, trained staff in Lactate Threshold and VO2max testing. All coaching and personal (strength, flexibility, swimming, cycling, running...) training services are available and encouraged for all ages and ability levels. To date, weve worked with cardiac rehab patients, clients with severe limitations, and ages from adolescents to age 90. For more information on all comprehensive programs and offerings, please contact us directly to find out what TP2 can do for you. Dont settle for mediocre performances any longer, and make your next performance optimal, by having TP2 help your reach your goals and true potential!
Personal Coaching for endurance sports competition of all distances and levels from beginner to professional. Specialize in periodized training programs that cover the physical, mental, nutritional, fueling, and hydration requisites for successfully competing in sprint to ironman triathlons, 5k to marathon, 1 day road races to multi-stage tours, and from sprint to distance swimming events for indoor or open water conditions. Possess years of professional racing experience in triathlon, a Masters in Exercise Physiology & Human Performance from San Jose State, as well as the following certifications: USA Cycling Coach, National Endurance Sports Trainer, Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Specialist. Personalized daily training plans, personal training rides (road cycling), personal track sessions assessing running biomechanics and pacing for all distances, personal swim sessions, as well as personalized sessions consisting of breath control, mental imagery, visualization training. These comprehensive plans will reduce competitive anxiety and facilitate optimal performance potential.
Todd Parker is an exercise physiologist, personal trainer, coach, and strength and conditioning specialist with a Masters in Exercise Physiology from one of the nations renowned programs at San Jose State University. Most of his coaching experience has been with endurance athletes such as triathletes, swimmers, cyclists, and runners. Coupled with his experience as a former professional triathlete, he has much to offer clients of all ages and ability levels. He has authored articles for such publications as Triathlete Magazine, Competitor, Liberty Sports, and PhillyFit; developed the first timer 22-week daily training plan for the Philadelphia Womens Triathlon, and asked to appear on the cover of Bicycling Magazine featuring the 2008 Tour de France Winning Cervelo R3-SL.