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Chad Holderbaum
Chad Holderbaum Multisport Coaching
Pittsburgh, PA
The services I provide include unlimited email and phone support as well as a fully customized training program for any race distance based on your racing and/or fitness goals. Also included in the program is advice on all aspects of triathlon training and racing such as nutrition, race strategy and how to recover properly between workouts and races. I make it a requirement that my athletes contact me on a regular basis and keep an open line of communication. When an athlete joins on as a client, I like to first establish goals and begin to plan for the entire year or season.

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My Mission Statement My goal is to provide athletes with an affordable yet customizable training plan specific to the athletes goals and abilities. The level of service that I offer is NOT the same for every athlete because I feel that every athlete should be treated equal therefore you will not find a silver/gold/platinum hierarchy of my services. How an athlete follows a plan should not be limited to a cookie cutter or one size fits all approach. It is a well known fact that most athletes require coaching to reach their full potential. This is for a number of reasons, such as: guidance, support, physiological knowledge, motivation etc. Being an athlete myself made the progression to coaching much easier, as I understand what athletes want in a coach and what it takes to reach the next level. My Background My first experience with Triathlon was in 2003 at age 23. Having grown up a runner and always being active as a kid, I would often over exert myself to the limits and more often than not, this would lead to injuries from a result of over training. Through a series of new friends that I would meet later that year, I was convinced that cross training was my only option if I wanted to avoid injury. It was at this time when I bought my first road bike and signed up for my first triathlon, the Pittsburgh Triathlon. Over the next seven years I would find myself surrounded by great athletes and also great coaches including 6 time Ironman World Champion, Mark Allen and Luis Vargas. I would learn that through hard work and executing a solid training plan, you can reach your athletic potential. As an athlete, I've spent a considerable amount of time training and racing the Ironman and 70.3 circuit which has resulted in podium finishes at some of these events. As a coach, I have an excellent knowledge base to offer my athletes and racing experience from an elite and age grouper level to back it up.

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