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Beth Amos
Triple Threat Endurance
Maplewood, MN

Through coaching, we help clients realize their potential. Our number one responsibility is to make sure we understand our client’s goals, and from there we can develop a training plan, with the accountability and support to help them reach those goals. The key to success is enjoyment. Whatever the goals, if the client enjoys the process, the results will be positive.

We provide coaching to athletes of all levels in preparation for triathlons, duathlons, and running races. The makeup of our client base is largely runners, cyclist, duathletes, and triathletes seeking guidance and instruction. We also work with clients who are interested in making body changes through athletics, such as weight loss or toning with a training plan.

Whether you’re training for and Ironman, a sprint triathlon, or a 5k, your goals are important to us. We want every client to be successful! Our training plans utilize Training Peaks software which allows us to use athlete input along with along with workout data to create a training plan tailored to each individual athletes goals.


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 Growing up I knew that I wanted to be a professional basketball player. I also knew that I wanted to be an Olympian. Dreams have come and gone, but the one constant through my life was that first and foremost I am an athlete. Whether it be on the basketball court, the soccer field, the ice arena, or the open road of triathlon, I have always loved performing and training.

Because of this passion I can sit down with anyone and have an open and frank conversation about athletics, goals, successes and failures. I have an insight into what helps people be successful and how to help them achieve their goals. I’ve been on both sides of the success and failure fulcrum. I know what it’s like to not achieve goals and to come back from that stronger and more determined. But because I haven’t had only successes in my life, it makes me more approachable.

Because of my struggles with weight, or race nerves, or self-doubt, I can empathize with those going through a similar situation. I know what it’s like to have a day filled with negative self-talk, but I also know how to change that behavior and make a positive change in everyday life.

I am a positive person, whose enthusiasm for life is contagious. I have a passion for athletics, but also having fun. I’ve worked with coaches in the past that are just going through the motions, and the end product is let’s just get through the workout and move on. In contrast I love having fun. I like to make a game out of everything in life, whether it be who can dry more dishes faster, or shovel more snow off the driveway. Everything can be made into something fun. And when you’re having fun time flies.

That passion for fun is how I attract and maintain clients. I work with clients who want to improve their lives through physical fitness. Making the decision to start is just the first step. Once that decision is made, it easy to start a program. Energy and enthusiasm are at their peak in the beginning phase. Keeping things interesting is why my clients stay with me through the tough middle phase of training to make it to the end phase of their goals.

Ironman Certified Coach

Triathlon Certified Coach (USAT)

Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

Performance Enhancement Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist