Coach Details

Nick Tranbarger
TS2 Coaching
Indianapolis, IN

TS2 Coaching uses individualized and research based coaching to serve and coach both beginner and experienced runners and triathletes.  TS2 Coaching athletes compete on all different levels, in varying distances, and come from all different backgrounds in regard to experience.  We also have an intentional training community for the purpose of support, encouragement, and group training sessions among our athletes.

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TS2 Coaching athletes benefit from both a team of qualified coaches and an intentional training community.  Our coaches are athletes themselves who have vast and varied experiences.  To name a few: All-American status as athletes and for athletes, Division I swimming, Adult Learn to Swim certification, training for personal services and coaching, 4 year degree in fields related to fitness and training, and 20+ years of combined experience training and racing.